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Data backup services in Cambridge, Huntingdon & St Ives

Data backup services

With today's advances in media and the file sizes now being created backing up your personal data at home is a good idea. For businesses implementing a data backup procedure is essential. If a company fails to secure data it can cost them thousands of pounds and potentially lose future business.

The right data backup for you
We will advise on the correct data back up procedure for you! If you are a home user this could simply be the addition of a second drive in your Pc or even an external drive. We will Configure the software to backup your important files automatically, giving you peace of mind.

Backup procedures for your business
Depending on the size of your business and the quantity of data you need to back up is a key factor in ascertaining the correct back system for your business. Please contact us for a free quote.

In our experience small businesses dont always think of implementing a back up policy, that is until the Inevitable happens. Don't let this happen to you!

Types of backup

This is a complete set of all the files you wish to back up. This is generally on done periodically
Provides a complete snap shot of all your data. Easy to restore and locate files's
This takes a vast amount of time and space every time you wish to backup your data

Incremental backups
This is a backup of only the files that have changed since your last backup.
Very fast and takes minimum disk space and lets you backup multiple versions of the same files
When its comes to the restore its more difficult. Sometimes you have to restore the normal back up first. Harder to locate a particular file

Differential backup
This copies the files that have changes since the last full backup.
Takes up less time and space than a full backup; provides for more efficient restoration than incremental backups.
Takes up more space than an incremental backup as it duplicates data. Each differential backup will increase in size
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