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Networking solutions in Cambridge, Huntingdon & St Ives

Data network design and setup

We can design and install a data network for you. Choosing the right kind of network depends on the type of data being transferred, the quantity of data and the environment where the network needs installing. Cost is also a factor with a wireless network being much cheaper to install. We will access and advise you on all the options available and the relative time scales.

Network security

Whether its a wireless or hard wired network we will take the steps to securing your data from viruses, worms and intruders. Keeping your network running smoothly and efficiently.
Wireless network setup
Wireless networks are becoming more common as service providers supply wireless routers for free. Wireless networks are less secure than their wired equivalents as the data is broadcast over the air. Hackers can use packet sniffing software to access and break into your network.

Wireless security
We can make it harder for potential hackers to access your wireless network by hiding your SSID and using Mac address filtering. The type of encryption used also plays a big part in how secure your wireless network is.

The most common method of securing Wireless network (802.11b) is WEP (wireless encryption protocol). WEP (64-bit, or 128-bit) protects wireless traffic by using a key to encrypt the data.

Unfortunately, WEP is easy to crack with freely available software and its wireless nature makes it easy for potential intruders to capture enough of your encrypted traffic to work out your pass codes.

WPA (WiFi protected access) address all of WEPs and if possible is the encryption you should be using. Both the router and your Pc will have to be WPA compatible.

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Is your wireless network secure? We can set up your wireless router configuring it with the latest encryption and explain the do's and don's!
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Anti virus and spy ware removal service. Anti virus prevention and removal in Cambridge, Huntingdon, St Ives and surrounding area's

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